The BIOFERTIMAT projects aims at improving, through demonstration actions, the region environmental sustainability by valorizing local resources (with consequent reduction in the need of external inputs).

To reach this objective, the BIOFERTIMAT project will develop a protocol for the use of alternative organic matrixes, easily and economically available in the area.

The goal of BIOFERTIMAT is to encourage the use of organic matrixes, in a circular economy context and to create the conditions to favor the adoption of more sustainable soils management by local farms.

news & events

Biofertimat, la Cooperativa Agricola La Primavera project leader

Berlin, 6-8 February 2019

Nürnberg 13-16.02.2019

Rimini Expo Centre 8 - 10 may 2019

Legnano (PD) - 6 giugno 2018

Bologna - 19 - 22 june 2018